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Quality Products and Awareness for Girls and Women


Green Lady Cambodia is a women-led social enterprise that provides safer menstrual product choices, menstruation classrooms, training and sewing workshop for girls and women in Cambodia. Our vision is to empower women to reconnect with their nature and care for their health and environment. We purposely raise people awareness around stigmas, norms, and taboos that limit one's choice & freedom. 


Half of the world is women, most of them in Southeast Asia still believe period is secret and dirty instead of natural and life creation. Woman needs to positively see menstruation as a path to connect with her true self. We want women and girls to claim her natural power, to be the healthy narcissist, to see things positively, to question the authorities and creates impacts to free herself and others from stigmas, norms and taboos that make no sense. 

2017-2018 memories
Young Girls are Loved
Menstruation is Life
We act for our next generation

For two years we contributed and sold 1850 washable pads and 18 menstrual cups to 400 in both countries which mean we save around 1200 kilograms of plastic wastes/96000 disposable sanitary pads per year. We provided menstruation education with our partners to 200 people, conducted 4 Green Living workshops for 100 people and create an online group with more than 1500 members in Vietnam. We talked with 130 women through public events and partnership workshops, 4 educator trainings to 49 people and 3 menstruation classes to around 140 girls in Cambodia.

2019 Start-up
Social Enterprise 
Healthy menstruation

2019 is an exciting journey so far. Now we have local washable pads made from Cotton and PUL fabrics, menstrual cups and pouches sell at Dai Khmer, Toul Tom Poung, Phnom Penh city, Kampuchea. Besides, we partner with Madam Chnai. All the products are sewed by women in order to partly support their living. We also continue our favorite activities of all time is to facilitate menstruation class and sewing washable pads workshop with young girls in Kompong Thom provinces in May And December. 

2020 Stronger

2020 will be the year of video marketing, awareness campaign, and better safer design washable pads and new products. It is time to go out and fight stronger for girls and women. More connected to the outside world, businesses, organizations and government in doing what we do. 






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Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions! 

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