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Green Lady Cambodia

Green Lady Cambodia is a women-led social enterprise that provides safer menstrual product choices, menstruation classrooms, training and sewing workshop for girls and women in Cambodia. We extend our work to Sexual and Reproductive health and rights in this 2021 and forward.


"Our work is about Self-Awareness and Self-Acceptance."

We create job for women.

We inspire and empower self-love. 


"Revolutionary products,

the product of change"

Quality local products for better health and minimize plastic sanitary pads every month to the landfill. 


"Menstruation matters,

Menstruation is life."

Our ending is every girl fully informed about her reproductive health and free from stigma, norms, taboos and shame.  



"Embrace your Unique Female Body on International Women’s Day"

2020 is an amazing year so far for us. The remarkable work we have done with Ryan Anders, a Video Journalist for 8th March 2020. An inspiring video about Green Lady Cambodia and a strong message we want to send to every women. 

      Your blood, it is yours. You own it! A feminine power that belongs to you, Nobody else, but YOU!

We at                                      believe that by embracing our bodies as they are, including our menstrual cycles, we women can develop a more positive body image of ourselves. That’s why we create, sell and use ourselves washable menstrual pads.

Since switching to washable menstrual pads, we’ve learned more about our periods and improved our health in general. With washable pads, we save money because we don’t buy new pads every month. Using eco-friendly, washable menstrual pads means we’re also not using plastic, so we send less trash to the landfill each month. Many of our customers have also told us that our washable pads are more comfortable than plastic pads and don’t trigger allergies. 

Green Lady Cambodia

Evolution since 2016

2020 is the year of video awareness campaigns, and better design products and colors!!! 

It is also the time to go out and fight stronger for girls and women. More connected to the outside world, businesses, organizations and government in doing what we do. 

What menstruation brings?


Why Menstruation matter?

It is life!!!



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