How are we doing during Covid-19?

The time of the COVID 19, we see the struggle of our community small scale ecosystem like our shop partners and sewing ladies, public schools’ students, people in the rural, we are all in this together. It is such a pain to feel powerless and it is such a joy to have courage.

In May, Plan International in Cambodia ordered pads from us in order to response to COVID emergency situation, so we decided to donate half of the amount around 2,000 pads hopefully as much as we could to support at least some girls and women’s need in the rural area, Ratanakiri province to cope during the pandemic. Fortunately, effected but not so much like our shop partners and our sewing ladies, this purchase order from NGOs and our small-scale awareness business can share a bit of their burdens.

During the time that public school close, we still continue to make School Inspiring Video , the purpose is to inspire educators to initiate menstruation class in their own school.