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#Enterprise #Empowerment 

Look closely, it starts with the most basic need. I need to feel free when I am on period. 

It happens when you know you want it, and you have the gut to make it happens. 

You empathize with others out there, sprinkle your creativity, and tell your story. 

Then never forget where you start, and those who support you to start it.


Be Grateful.

photo_2020-01-30_13-35-05 (3).jpg

"Choose love over fear"

Looking back full of joy, not regret. 


Along the way, I found a person, co-founder of Green Lady Cambodia. She has lots of respect for others and puts full effort into whatever she touches. 

Trust is the most important element of this journey together.  


Pads are sewed by women who need to earn their living and for their kids to go to school. 


With the education campaign we are working on, one day, all the girls in Cambodia and South East Asia are well informed and aware of their bodies as well as the boys. 

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